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Dr. Paul Lam

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Diabetes

were created by Dr. Paul Lam.

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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Sun (soong) Style Tai Chi has been proven to be safe and effective for people with Arthritis.

It has agile steps with many forward and backward movements. By learning the specially designed movements and practicing them regularly, many have found significant relief from symptoms of arthritis within a short time such as reducing pain and stiffness, improved muscle strength and joint flexibility, and an overall lift of spirit and tranquility.

Tai Chi for Diabetes

Yang Style Tai Chi has movements that are gentle, graceful, effective in preventing and controlling symptoms of diabetes.

Scientific studies have shown Tai Chi to have beneficial effects on cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength, balance, peripheral circulation, reduce tension and anxiety, which minimizes the complications of diabetes.


Both programs are backed by The American Arthritis Foundation,

the Australia Arthritis Foundation and Australia Diabetes Foundation.

"To ignore how we are connected to the earth is to ignore the role our bodies play in our quest for wholeness.

Health is the greatest gift we have."   Jamie Sams